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Today is the nineteenth day of the ninth month in the Chinese lunar calendar. It signified the day when Guan Yin Boddhisattva left her home for the monastery as her first path to enlightenment.

On such an auspicious day as today, my husband and I, like thousands of Guan Yin’s devotees, made our way to the nearest Guan Yin’s temple in town centre, namely the Wei Zhen Gong Guan Yin Temple at Jalan Maharajalela, a short distance from the monorail stop and a walking distance from our home in Pudu.

It was our first visit to this charming and beautiful temple which was actually located on a hill overlooking the Kuala Lumpur Chinese Assembly Hall. From the temple’s ground, you could get a panoramic view of busy Jalan Maharajalela.

After paying our homage to the deities inside the temple, we decided to have vegetarian lunch at the canteen located just beside the temple. It was a spacious and windy place. On a long table there laid trays and trays of vegetarian foods served by a few volunteers who were doing it on voluntary basis.

We were enjoying our food and the scenery when I overheard a conversation between an elderly couple that sat next to us at the same table.

The man was grumbling to the lady, “That fat woman who served rice had a bad attitude.”

His partner chipped in, “Yes, I think she was very stingy in distributing the food away.”

“Why they are so stingy, the food does not belonged to them privately, but to the public who donated it to the temple?” she continued.

“The fat woman who served rice to me said ‘enough’ when I needed more as I was really hungry. This is not the first time she acted this way,” the man purposely complained loudly, hoping that fat woman could hear what he was complaining about.

“It is only fair to let everyone have enough to eat to fill up their stomachs,” the lady answered.

“Those volunteers are actually creating some bad Karma for themselves. Instead of being rewarded for their kind work, they are actually creating negative vibes for themselves,” he opined.

“If my stomach is full and I cannot take in anymore, I will reject any surplus, even if they serve me dragon meats!” he said sarcastically.

“If they are more generous with the foods, it is better than them reciting prayers!” he ended his complain bitterly.

Although I do not know them at all, I think they got a point. I cannot help but to agree with them both. I believed it is always more blessed to give, especially when it comes to food, for food is a blessing. It is always good to give food to needy people. You give blessing to others and you will receive manifold blessings in return.

Simply, in Buddhism, the more you give, the more you are blessed. And what is more blessed than to relieve the hunger of those in need of some food to fill up their gnawing stomachs?

It is a pity this bunch of volunteers does not practice the basic of Buddha’s teaching, and that is compassion to other’s needs.


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Last mid-night,  I and my wife were visiting Nan Tian Kung temple at Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.We choose to visit at this wee hours because it would be easier for us to move around and taking pictures, especially the weather fine too .

Although this hour most of the people has already gone to bed, but you still can see worshipers thronging the temple to pray and make wishes.

Some traditional stuff can be seen and get here as well.

These “Turtle” buns are representing “Longevity”, “prosperity”  and “Wealthy”.

Thinking of visit one more time at the peak hour before the seasons end in early Oct. 🙂

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Tonight (26th Sept 2011) is the eve of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival 九皇爺旦. Devotees will gather at river banks to welcome the return of the gods to earth for a nine-day celebrations. This festival is a major festival for those of Taoist faith for they believed the gods will blessed them with good health, wealth and longevity.

Big Dipper in the Ursa Major Constellation. It resembled the shape of a ladle (long spoon with deep bowl) .

The main entrance to Nan Tian Kung at Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

The official seat of Dou Mu, the mother of the Nine Emperor Gods.

Time now is 11.35 pm, and it’s a rainy night. It’s believed that the arrival of the Nine Emperors will be signified by continuous and interval rain throughout the nine days of the festival.

More photos to follow as the festival unfolds in days to come………..

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Kuan Ti 关帝 (God of Righteousness ‘正义’) and Kuan Ti Temple along High Street (adjacent to Petaling Street – KL’s Chinatown).The temple which houses an antique  ‘关刀guan dao ‘. This long knife was Kuan Ti’s weapon and had been brought here from China more than 100 years ago.


There are two Guardian Gods of the temple standing ostentatiously outside, on either side of the entrance. This temple was built-in 1888 by the Selangor & Federal Territory Kwong Siew Association.


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The brightly lit main entrance of the Nan Tian Temple (南天宫) set against the dark night sky.


The beautiful and intricate craftmanship at the ceiling of the prayer hall.


Green Dragon 青龙 at the left side and White Tiger 白虎 on the right side of the main door (view from inside out).


Nine oil lamps tied to a bamboo branch held horizontally on a high pole. “Tien kun chi fook” means the sky giving out blessings.


Two brightly lit pagodas on each side of the temple.


A set of drum and bell used to acknowledge donations from devotees.


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