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Last mid-night,  I and my wife were visiting Nan Tian Kung temple at Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.We choose to visit at this wee hours because it would be easier for us to move around and taking pictures, especially the weather fine too .

Although this hour most of the people has already gone to bed, but you still can see worshipers thronging the temple to pray and make wishes.

Some traditional stuff can be seen and get here as well.

These “Turtle” buns are representing “Longevity”, “prosperity”  and “Wealthy”.

Thinking of visit one more time at the peak hour before the seasons end in early Oct. 🙂


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Tonight (26th Sept 2011) is the eve of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival 九皇爺旦. Devotees will gather at river banks to welcome the return of the gods to earth for a nine-day celebrations. This festival is a major festival for those of Taoist faith for they believed the gods will blessed them with good health, wealth and longevity.

Big Dipper in the Ursa Major Constellation. It resembled the shape of a ladle (long spoon with deep bowl) .

The main entrance to Nan Tian Kung at Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

The official seat of Dou Mu, the mother of the Nine Emperor Gods.

Time now is 11.35 pm, and it’s a rainy night. It’s believed that the arrival of the Nine Emperors will be signified by continuous and interval rain throughout the nine days of the festival.

More photos to follow as the festival unfolds in days to come………..

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The brightly lit main entrance of the Nan Tian Temple (南天宫) set against the dark night sky.


The beautiful and intricate craftmanship at the ceiling of the prayer hall.


Green Dragon 青龙 at the left side and White Tiger 白虎 on the right side of the main door (view from inside out).


Nine oil lamps tied to a bamboo branch held horizontally on a high pole. “Tien kun chi fook” means the sky giving out blessings.


Two brightly lit pagodas on each side of the temple.


A set of drum and bell used to acknowledge donations from devotees.


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