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E Ma Ho!

Amazing! Double rainbows were spotted over the sky of Pudu, Kuala Lumpur — Nature’s colorful spectrum always elicits the same pattern (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) when light is refracted.

Red is the first or the topmost color in a rainbow and is the color of energy, enthusiasm and passion. Red is also the color with the longest wavelength, and it symbolizes vibrancy and security. Orange is the 2nd color from the top and symbolizes energy and wisdom. Yellow is the 3rd color from the top which is supposed to bring about a proper clarity of thought, wisdom, and improve decision-making skills. Green is the 4th and middle color in a rainbow, located in the center of the spectrum. Green symbolizes harmony, balance, growth, and good health. Blue is the 5th color and is known as the color of divinity; it helps to soothe and relax. Indigo is the 6th color (2nd from the bottom) and means infinity. It symbolizes wisdom, intuition, and self-mastery. This color is known to be the bridge between the finite and the infinite. Violet is the lower-most color in a rainbow; it is viewed as the completion and the beginning of energy vibration.

Now flip those colors, red facing red, and that is a DOUBLE RAINBOWS!


Experiencing the phenomenon depends upon where you are standing, where the sun is and where the moisture is just right in the air.

Stop looking at what you have lost, so you can see what you have.

No matter what language you speak, seeing a rainbow,  rainbows or any rainbow, is a stunning sight to behold.

“May the love hidden deep inside your heart find the love waiting in your dreams. May the laughter that you find in your morrow wipe away the pain you find in your yesterdays.”

Good sign of auspiciousness are on the way…..

May all have good health.

May all beings benefit……


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This evening, my son Nicholas shouted out excitedly “Rainbow…Rainbow….Rainbow….” !


I would feel happy and be delighted by this beautiful rainbow. It’s a wonderful gift from nature. I am always looking forward to seeing a rainbow every time I step out of the house after raining.

A rainbow is a good sign from the cosmic universe that you are about to have something great falling into your way!

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Well, according to the Fengshui master, Lilian Too :

” I believe the rainbow is a very good sign and every time it appears, I would smile and feel more cheerful as I see it as a beautiful and wonderful gift from nature. I am always looking forward to seeing a rainbow every time I step out of the house.

Normally every few days or so, some good things would happen in my life in the form of good news or good luck…………..”

These pictures were sent in by my Australian friend.

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