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I woke up as usual at 8 a.m. that morning. I felt very fresh and happy. I felt very good. Somehow I felt something special will happen on that day and my spirits soared high.

I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Put on some make-up and then a pretty dress before giving my hair a good brush. After putting on my shoes and grabbing my bag, it was time to go to the office.

Somehow that morning all my lunch mates deserted me. One had to replace the cashier while others had other appointments. Even the tea lady was not around to pack lunch for me. So I was left without any choice but to pack my lunch on my own.

At 1p.m. I went to Lai Foong Restaurant opposite Bangunan Hong Leong to buy wanton mee and pig stomach black pepper soup. The wanton mee hawker was very busy at that moment and I told him what I wanted. He glared at me and told me to come back later. We exchanged some jokes and then I made my way to pack coconut juice in front of another restaurant that lies back to back with Lai Foong Restaurant.

On the way, my eyes caught someone familiar. He had the kindest and most honest face I ever met before. I felt I had met him somewhere although I could not instantly recall where. I gave him a warm smile. It was a continuation from the smile which I have given to the wanton mee hawker a few minutes before.

He was flanked by his two female colleagues and they were on their way to Lai Foong Restaurant for lunch. He was looking at me before they disappeared into the restaurant and was lost in the crowd. Me? I walked on to get my coconut juice.

When I came back with the coconut juice in my hands, I went back to the wanton mee stall to collect my order. I stood there to wait for my food and I turned my head to look in at the lunch crowd. To my astonishment and delight, my eyes spotted that same guy again. He saw me too and immediately sprang on his feet before hurriedly came forward.

“Miss, where had I met you before as I felt you looked familiar?” he asked smilingly.

“I think it was at Steps Dancing Studio,” I replied hesitatingly.

“Oh yes, Steps Dancing Studio, no wonder you looked familiar,” he said and began to dig into his pocket.

“Here is my name card and I worked in Marco Polo Holidays. I am a tour guide, and be free to drop by for some enquiries,” he said excitedly.

I took his name card and said, “I don’t think I have any money to go for trips abroad.”

“Never mind, we can be friends then. Where did you work?” he asked further.

“Hong Leong Property Management,” I replied.

“Give me a call when you are free and we can go for lunch together,” he offered amicably.

I just nodded and took his card before leaving the place. Little did I know he is more than a friend. I just put his name card in my planner and ate my food. But I had forgotten about it after coming out from the pantry. It was left there for a few days……..

That was almost twenty years ago…………



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